FlipHTML5's Free Brochure Maker Helps Users Increase Sales at Lower Cost

free brochure maker

FlipHTML5, a user-friendly digital publishing platform features a free brochure maker to help companies succeed in their marketing campaign. They can save a lot of costs in creating, enriching, and distributing digital brochures.

The success of a company is inseparable from a marketing campaign, and the key to professional marketing is brochures. As business marketing strategies are gradually shifting online nowadays, digital brochures emerged as effective online marketing materials.

FlipHTML5’s free brochure maker is a tool that helps businesses create interactive digital brochures to promote their branding and increase sales at a lower cost.

FlipHTML5 supports users to directly drag-and-drop a PDF, Word, PPT, or a set of images to convert a flippable digital brochure. It allows users to add interactive elements to the digital brochure, such as music, images, videos, and loading animations, making it more interactive and helping to keep readers interested.

The free brochure maker also provides tons of templates, freeing users up to do other things and helping users create professional brochures without design knowledge.

Using this free brochure maker, users are able to edit every corner of the pages. In this way, users are capable of adding multimedia that can be directly shown on the pages, and inserting hyperlinks that seamlessly lead audiences to the business website or product purchase pages, making it easy to enhance the viewing experience and go beyond the obvious. 

FlipHTML5 saves the cost through the entire creation process of brochures, including printing, designing, hosting, and distribution. It’s okay if businesses haven’t got their files ready, this free brochure maker prepares various templates for them to quickly complete their brochures.

The brochure made with FlipHTML5 will own its unique URL/QR code/embed code for distribution online. In this way, businesses don’t need to print brochures and distribute them offline as they can be directly shared online and reach more audiences in seconds.

FlipHTML5 also provides online bookcases to help businesses categorize and batch-share brochures made with this free brochure maker. With the bookcase, businesses can showcase multiple marketing materials in one bookcase and directly share the bookcase’s URL to easily share with millions of users worldwide.

It can also be embedded in websites to orderly and intuitive present brochures, instead of piling up bulky PDFs that take time to download.

“Our team is very aware of the importance of marketing, thus we have succeeded in bringing FlipHTML5 to you,” said Jackie Peng, Customer Service of FlipHTML5, “We believe you can do the same thing with this feature-rich free brochure maker.”

For more information on the free brochure maker, please visit FlipHTML5.

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